UK Visa Appeal is a private law firm based in the UK.
Our legal team represents clients on some of the most complex
appeals in UK immigration law. We provide full legal representation to
the Asylum & Immigration Tribunal.

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Office of the Immigration
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"I was here for 14 years and I applied for me to remain in the UK. Thanks for all the dedication to my case. I now have Indefinite Leave to Remain."F.Sadathian, Bristol
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From spouse visa appeals to High Court judgments, we have the experience and the knowledge required to take your case forward successfully. We offer clients a professional service with a personal approach.

Seek professional advice

Your personal circumstances and the facts surrounding your case are not the same as everyone else's. We will listen to you and discuss what options are available based on your specific case.

Give yourself the best chance for success

Using a legal specialist will ensure that your appeal is correctly presented using case law that is up to date and relevant to your appeal. We have years of experience in overturning visa appeals in court.

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