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A student visa is permission to enter or remain in the UK to take up a course of study at an organisation that is included on the Department of Education and Skills Register of Education and Training Providers.

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The introduction of the Points Based System will introduce changes to how a student visa can be applied for. This is due to take effect in 2009. At present, if you have applied for a student visa or an extension of stay as a student which has been refused, you should have the right of appeal.

The current student visa arrangements will be replaced by Tier 4 of the Points Based System. All courses must lead to a recognised qualification that has been approved by the UK Border Agency. If your college or university does not hold a sponsorship licence, your application for a visa or an extension of stay will be refused. Therefore your chosen place of study must be on the registered list of providers.

There are two categories of Tier 4 as follows:

  • General - for those coming for their post-16 education.
  • Child - for children between the ages of 4 and 16 to come to an independent school.

The new rules have introduced mandatory grounds for refusal if an application has been identified as supported by false documents, false representations, or if you have not disclosed relevant facts on your visa application.

If your visa has been refused on any of the above, this could lead to a mandatory ban which will prevent you from being able to enter the UK. There are high tests to be met which the refusing officer must show if they believe any false representations have been made. For students with dependents in the UK, there may be other options available, if refused which we can explore with you.

Students are required to have an Identity Card, which will record details of studies, biometric information and immigration status. It is vital that all the application details are checked carefully and you should be fully aware of the facts presented in your application.

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